Episode 18: How to Lead Powerful, Effective, Registration Events with Will Steel!

In this episode of “The High Profit Event Show,” host Rudy Rodriguez hosts guest Will Steel, a distinguished figure in the event industry with a wealth of experience. Will has led over 1,000 events to over 90,000 people, in 26 countries. His background includes a managerial role in a major personal growth and training company […]

Episode 58: The Art of Event Leadership – How Running Powerful Events Accelerates Your Personal Evolution and Creates Millions in Profits with Alex Moscow!

In the latest episode of The High Profit Event Show, host Rudy Rodriguez welcomes Alex Moscow, the mind behind Abundance Amplifier, to share his personal story of overcoming a stutter to become a seasoned event leader. This episode dives into the crucial role of authenticity and personal touch in crafting memorable live events. Alex’s journey […]

Episode 5: Educate, Don’t Sell at Your Event with Destiny Training System’s Scott DeMoulin!

Hosted by Rudy Rodriguez, this episode of “The High Profit Event Show” welcomes Mr. Scott DeMoulin from Destiny Training. Boasting over four decades in the event industry, Scott’s illustrious journey has seen him collaborate with industry giants like Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, and Bob Proctor. Among his numerous achievements, co-founding the “Business Mastery” program with […]