The Cost of Hiring the Wrong Sales Team And How To Hire The Best

Have you ever calculated the cost of hiring the wrong sales team or sales professional?

You will be blown away by the economic costs, as well as the huge number of hours the people interact with the mis-hire “waste,” having to spend hours preventing the mis-hire from causing problems, and many hours fixing the problems the mis-hire caused.

At V.E.S.T. We use a proven hiring process called “TOPGRADING” by Dr. Brad Smart to solve this problem…

You can read our Topgrading case study here:

If you are a sales professional and would like to apply to work with our high performance sales team you can apply by clicking here. (WARNING: Only apply if you are an A-player sales professional and you can prove it.)

If you would like to learn more about how our team operates, watch the video below from Leading Edge Teams CEO Annie Pratt.