Hosted by Rudy Rodriguez, this episode of “The High Profit Event Show” welcomes Mr. Scott DeMoulin from Destiny Training. Boasting over four decades in the event industry, Scott’s illustrious journey has seen him collaborate with industry giants like Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, and Bob Proctor. Among his numerous achievements, co-founding the “Business Mastery” program with Tony Robbins stands out prominently.

Scott is a staunch advocate for the pivotal role of meticulous preparation before any event. He believes that for an event to succeed, whether customized or public, it’s paramount to grasp and cater to the attendees’ needs and desires. Elaborating on this, he introduces his course, “Engage from Your Stage”, where he underscores the notion that everyone has a unique ‘stage’. Whether one is a seasoned public speaker or an emerging entrepreneur, the primary objective should be to serve the audience’s needs, often eclipsing the allure of sheer numbers or monetary gains.

A significant portion of the episode delved into the pre-event strategies Scott employs. He accentuates the efficacy of conducting preliminary interviews to gauge audience concerns, ensuring the content disseminated is tailor-made to address these issues. During the actual event, fostering trust, rapport, and imparting education take center stage. Scott believes in the power of referrals, asserting that delivering immense value during the event can set the stage for future successes.

Shifting the focus to the delicate art of sales, Scott highlights the essence of trust and value. He critiques commonly employed methods like the “stack close” and showcases its potential pitfalls. Drawing from a recent event as a case study, he illustrated how his approach, rooted in value and trust, culminated in enrollments worth $2 million, far surpassing the anticipated range of $750,000 to $900,000.

The episode wasn’t just about numbers and tactics; it underscored the sanctity of integrity. Scott expounded on the power of Cialdini’s law of contrast in making compelling offers. He also revisited the timeless Pareto principle, emphasizing that often, the last 20% of meticulous effort can lead to 80% of the results. An engaging anecdote about an attorney testing a refund guarantee showcased Scott’s unwavering commitment to audience satisfaction.

Feedback, as Scott and the host concurred, is the cornerstone of any thriving business. They delved into the utility of NPS scores, emphasizing the immediate responses they garner. The duo believes in the transformative power of genuine feedback, urging businesses to embrace it wholeheartedly. Scott reminisced about his 1989 venture when he purchased a training franchise from Tony Robbins. This segment unveiled his professional trajectory, highlighting milestones like receiving the Destiny Leadership Award and playing an instrumental role in Tony Robbins’ first business mastery program.

Communication was the episode’s final focal point. Scott posited that effective communication constitutes 90% of success in business and entrepreneurship. His training modules at Destiny Training Systems pivot around honing internal communication, sales and relationship communication, and marketing communication. Despite the challenges thrown by the COVID-19 pandemic, Scott transitioned his training to a virtual format without compromising its core essence. He also introduced listeners to his program, “Engage From Your Stage”, available on his website, and highlighted an enriching podcast featuring Elliot Roe.

In a contemplative segment, Scott mused about the legacy he aspires to leave behind. Beyond financial gains, he wishes to make a meaningful difference in individuals and businesses. Gratitude was evident as he credited mentors like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and Jay Abraham for sculpting his teachings. The episode concluded with Rudy expressing his appreciation for Scott’s profound insights.

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