In the latest episode of the “High Profit Event Show,” hosted by Rudy Rodriguez, we are treated to a deep dive into the “Live Launch Method” championed by Kelly Roach, the founder of Kelly Roach Coaching. Rudy Rodriguez opens the episode by giving a fitting introduction to Kelly, highlighting her expansive career that spans growing a business to the eight-figure level, earning a place on the Inc. 5000 list, authoring bestselling books, and hosting a successful podcast. Not forgetting to mention, Kelly’s substantial experience in hosting events since 2016, which promises to bring rich insights to the audience.

In a candid conversation, Kelly unfolds her inspiring business journey, tracing her steps from the corporate sector to carving out her niche in the entrepreneurial space. She shares the genesis and evolution of the “live launch” method, a strategy she devised around 2017-2018 to enhance her business’s sales process significantly. This novel approach pivots away from traditional pre-recorded and scripted methods, utilizing the vitality of live streaming to forge an engaging, interactive, and spirited experience for potential clients, giving them a tantalizing taste of the dynamic world she has created. Kelly credits this approach as a cornerstone in not only skyrocketing her sales figures but also enabling numerous entrepreneurs worldwide to establish thriving businesses.

Kelly fervently encourages the audience to rethink their 2023 event strategies, advocating for a departure from the beaten path to explore innovative approaches that could potentially skyrocket their event’s success. She outlines a meticulously planned live launch event spanning several days, meticulously structured to foster a robust connection with the audience. The process is initiated with a generous sharing of valuable insights, aimed at facilitating a breakthrough experience for attendees at no cost. The event hinges on four core concepts covered across the first four days, establishing a “reciprocity bank” by serving the audience and helping them witness tangible results.

Kelly describes the transition into a five-day sales phase where potential objections and concerns of attendees are tactfully addressed. This period is vital in dispelling doubts and fostering excitement through various strategies such as showcasing testimonials, case studies, and potential speakers. A critical aspect of this phase is assisting attendees to break through psychological barriers, encouraging them to alter their belief systems to recognize the manifold benefits awaiting them at the final event. The structure leverages a nine-session approach, cultivating deep trust and connectivity with the brand, effectively drawing the audience deeper into the experience or sieving out the uninterested.

Kelly emphasizes the essence of human interaction in live launches, noting how conventional online marketing often overlooks this vital element. She champions the live launch method’s adaptability across platforms and audiences, offering high financial returns with a reasonable amount of work. Kelly illustrates how these live launches, especially concerning events, can usher attendees into transformative experiences, aligning well with their growth trajectories both personally and professionally.

Towards the end of the episode, Kelly offers listeners avenues to explore the live launch method further, directing them to her insightful book available on Amazon and her website. Fans can also tune into “The Kelly Roach Show,” where bite-sized episodes packed with advice and insights await them. In a poignant note, Kelly advocates for a lighter approach to business in 2023, urging business enthusiasts to inject fun back into their endeavors, a sentiment that finds resonance even among the Navy SEALs. This insightful session wraps up with Rudy expressing an eagerness to delve deeper into the live launch method, appreciating Kelly’s commitment to adding value and serving others through her initiatives. 

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