In this episode of “The High Profit Event Show,” host Rudy Rodriguez hosts guest Will Steel, a distinguished figure in the event industry with a wealth of experience. Will has led over 1,000 events to over 90,000 people, in 26 countries. His background includes a managerial role in a major personal growth and training company and coaching a wide range of individuals, from CEOs and scientists to musicians and religious leaders.

Will’s background is as intriguing as his professional achievements. A former Royal Air Force College graduate and pilot, he specializes in identifying and overcoming personal and professional blocks to enable breakthrough results. His unique approach includes utilizing ontological listening to guide individuals beyond their limiting beliefs and constraints.

The episode delves into the nuances of effective event preparation and leadership. Will emphasizes the importance of being thoroughly familiar with the event script and the need for extensive rehearsal. He discusses the criticality of logistical preparation, varying with the size of the event, and highlights the importance of personal integrity, aligning one’s life and work, professionally handling unexpected occurrences, and maintaining a strong connection and engagement with the audience.

The conversation then shifts to strategies for event registration, where Will shares insights on creating an effective call-to-action, the importance of clear communication and setting expectations for registration, and balancing content delivery with the registration process.

Additionally, Will offers personal development and leadership insights. He talks about overcoming personal barriers and doubts, the power of presence and genuine audience engagement, and training oneself to stay focused and avoid negative thought patterns during events.

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