Make A $10,000 or Higher Coaching Offer at Your Virtual Event, And Have Up To 20% of Your Attendees Buy It… Here Are The 3 Parts, All Unique To Virtual Events…

We take you and your attendees through a 3 parts system that could potentially increase your attendance rate up to 33% and double or even triple your sales and profits.

The 3 Parts to a Highly Profitable Virtual Event:

  1. Prepare: Outbound calls to confirm attendance and schedule one-on-one appointments.
  2. Execute: Execution of the event and one-on-one enrollment conversations.
  3. Follow Up: Following up with your new clients to help them follow through with their commitment.

You’ll get our proven systems and processes for each of these three phases.

When you invest in VEST you’ll get:

  • Peace of mind that your event sales are handled so you can focus your energy on delivering the best event and content possible.
  • Strategy sessions with you and your team before the event to discuss your offer and help you maximize your show up and attendance rate.
  • One-on-one strategy sessions with each attendee during the event.
  • Daily tracking and reporting during the event. Including number of appointments scheduled & completed, sales, cash collected, and receivables.
  • Full event debrief with customer satisfaction surveys completed.

If you’d like to increase your virtual seminar attendance rate, and double or triple sales for your next event, book a session with me today. Click here to book a strategy session.