Episode 29: How to Make Six Figures with Your First Virtual Event with Jeff Buehner!

Welcome to another episode of “The High Profit Event Show” with your host, Rudy Rodriguez. This week, we are diving deep into the world of ancient wisdom and modern success with our  guest, Jeff Buehner, the author of “Sultan’s Seven Secrets.” Jeff’s journey from a hardworking concrete contractor to a celebrated entrepreneur and educator is […]

Episode 45: How to Unconventionally Promote Your Event featuring Jules Shroeder

In this fascinating episode, host Rudy Rodriguez welcomes the remarkable Jules, musician, real estate investor, speaker, author, business coaching consultant, and creator of Unconventional Life, a company that creates bucket-list-worthy events and hosts a widely successful podcast for entrepreneurs. This candid conversation delves into Jules’ transformative journey which began with a life-altering wakeboarding accident that […]

Episode 14: How to Turn Your Passion into Profits with Live Event

In this episode, our guest Damon Darnell shares his experience in turning his passion for drones into a profitable live event business. He started as a hobbyist and turned his passion into a business in 1993, which he eventually expanded by helping others start their own drone businesses. With over 100 events done in the […]