In this fascinating episode, host Rudy Rodriguez welcomes the remarkable Jules, musician, real estate investor, speaker, author, business coaching consultant, and creator of Unconventional Life, a company that creates bucket-list-worthy events and hosts a widely successful podcast for entrepreneurs.

This candid conversation delves into Jules’ transformative journey which began with a life-altering wakeboarding accident that led to an out-of-body experience and a renewed perspective on life. This pivotal moment was a springboard for her to follow a path of what truly energized and excited her, leading to her current roles, including becoming a global ambassador for education, launching the Unconventional Life podcast, and holding her first of many international events in Bali.

Jules underscores the importance of following your passion and believing in the power of co-collaboration and co-evolution for achieving greater success. She shares the innovative “star method” for promoting her events, whereby she partners with people who have the experience and audience reach, creating an organically growing network of individuals who not only facilitate the events but also act as cheerleaders promoting them.

A vital part of her event strategy is carefully selecting ‘stars’ for her events – individuals who can bring diverse energy and fresh perspectives to the gathering. Jules explains how she gamifies the selection process, providing incentives such as commissions, upgrades, or credits to encourage participation. She also stresses on the significance of creating win-win arrangements, which she achieves by initiating conversations with potential stars to find opportunities for mutual collaboration and support.

Understanding the importance of empowering her ‘stars,’ Jules provides them with the tools and guidance to effectively share and enroll others in her events. Recognizing that everyone has their own preferred method of communication, she tailors her approach to match, thus making the process of sharing as natural as possible.

As the conversation comes to a close, Jules offers a special gift to listeners – a meditation and workbook designed to help visualize and manifest the creation of unconventional events. She emphasizes the power of nonlinear reality creation and accessing meditative states to bring intentions into form.

Tune into this episode for an inspiring exploration of Jules’ unconventional journey and learn how you too can embrace the intentional design of your experiences, creating a transformative journey that is uniquely your own. And don’t forget to share this episode with those who could benefit from Jules’ inspiring story and potentially life-altering wisdom.

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