In this week’s episode of “The High Profit Event Show” your host, Rudy Rodriguez, brings on special guest, Patty Aubery, a highly respected figure in the industry known for her impressive track record and notable work. Patty played a pivotal role in the tremendous success of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” brand, which became one of the first book brands to generate over a billion dollars in revenue. With decades of experience in the industry and collaborations with renowned individuals like Jack Canfield and Scott deMoulin, Patty has made a significant impact. She also runs her own training organization, empowering women to achieve success in their personal lives and businesses.

In today’s conversation, Patty Aubery shares her fascinating journey in the events industry, which began around 35 years ago when she responded to a job ad for a secretary position. Little did she know, the job turned out to be an interview with Jack Canfield, who was involved in self-esteem programs for classrooms at the time. Although Patty didn’t initially get the job, Jack reached out to her a few months later, feeling a strong connection and belief that they were meant to work together.

Their collaboration marked the beginning of the immensely successful “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, which expanded to include around 230 titles over an 18-year period. They even ventured into licensing deals for dog food, greeting cards, and large-scale events. Throughout their journey, Patty and Jack continued their work as speakers, hosting events of all sizes around the world. They experienced both successes and setbacks along the way. 

In 2008, they made the decision to sell the company, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and embarked on a new venture of training and certifying trainers to carry on their work. Their focus shifted to teaching people how to take responsibility for their lives, create visions, set goals, and take the necessary actions for personal and professional success. Today, they have approximately 5,000 trainers globally who continue to inspire and motivate others.

Reflecting on her early years in the industry, Patty acknowledges the numerous learning experiences and challenges she faced. It may take time, but understanding one’s purpose and motivation, knowing why they are doing what they do, can help withstand difficult times and eventually lead to success.

Patty also opens up about the moments of doubt she experienced, which were rare, and jokes about not recalling ever questioning whether their endeavors would work out. They always focused on their goals and developed contingency plans. However, their primary energy was devoted to envisioning success and creating positive experiences for their attendees.

According to Patty, a significant aspect of the events industry lies in approaching it from a place of service. By maintaining a mindset of abundance and focusing on the desired results rather than dwelling on potential failure, one can avoid a scarcity mentality. Patty advises against wasting time and energy on thoughts of doom and gloom because what one constantly thinks about tends to manifest. Instead, she encourages individuals to let go of negative thoughts and worries about their events not taking off, as it is unproductive and detrimental to progress.

Patty shares her recent experience organizing a virtual event with Jack, which turned out to be a great success with 1,100 attendees. She highlights the significant impact of leveraging their existing connections and receiving organic endorsements from trusted sources. Patty emphasizes the importance of nurturing relationships and engaging with individuals who have previously shown interest and support. 

Patty also emphasizes the importance of focusing on service rather than solely on selling when it comes to maintaining relationships with customers. By approaching interactions with authenticity and transparency, she believes it is possible to provide valuable guidance and assistance without resorting to pushy sales tactics. 

Patty also discusses her work in empowering women and effective communication. She is dedicated to helping women overcome their tendency to hide and empowering them to show up, speak up, and be seen. Patty shares her personal experience of hiding behind her role in the Chicken Soup for the Soul empire and turning down speaking engagements due to a lack of confidence in her public speaking abilities. She emphasizes the importance of women honing their message, becoming visible, and maximizing their potential.

In addition, Patty offers the Permission Granted program, which helps individuals create a blueprint for effectively communicating their message to the world. This program guides people through a four-month process of clarifying goals, defining offerings, understanding their “why,” and mapping out a clear plan of action. Patty compares this process to building a house, emphasizing the value of having a well-thought-out plan rather than piecing things together haphazardly.

Patty offers advice on overcoming self-doubt and taking action. She encourages individuals to tackle challenging tasks early in the day and follow up persistently. By pushing through fear and consistently taking action, Patty believes significant progress can be achieved in both business and personal growth.

To learn more about Patty Aubery and her work, visit her website at She also mentions her collaboration with Scott deMoulin in the Engage From Your Stage program, where participants can improve their speaking abilities and gain clarity in their messaging. Patty expresses pride in the positive feedback she receives from her students and emphasizes the importance of serving one’s audience by providing the support they need, even if it means collaborating with other experts.

Thank you for tuning in to this insightful episode of “The High Profit Event Show” with our guest, Patty Aubery. Stay inspired and keep pursuing your goals for high-profit events.

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