In this episode of The High Profit Event Show, host Rudy Rodriguez is joined by Dr. Alok Trivedi, also known as Dr. Rewire. Dr. Trivedi brings a wealth of experience to the conversation, with a background that includes speaking for over 25 years, appearing on major media outlets like CBS, Fox News, and Ebony Magazine, and consulting for some of the world’s most influential CEOs and CFOs. As the author of “Chasing Success” and the founder of The Align Performance Institute, his expertise in expanding human awareness and potential is unparalleled.

The episode delves into three main topics, each packed with actionable insights for event leaders. First, Dr. Trivedi shares his journey into the world of events, particularly virtual events, highlighting the importance of adaptation and innovation in the wake of COVID-19. He explains how his early venture into virtual events before it became a norm taught him valuable lessons about audience engagement and interaction without physical feedback.

Next, the discussion moves to the key strategies for maintaining high engagement rates in virtual events. Dr. Trivedi emphasizes the critical role of technology and the need for contingency planning, recounting an instance where an unexpected Zoom outage forced a swift pivot to a Facebook group. This story underscores the necessity of flexibility and the benefits of preparing for technological mishaps.

Lastly, Dr. Trivedi shares his insights on the art of event presentation, focusing on the importance of connecting with the audience beyond just delivering content. He advises on the use of storytelling, dynamic camera work, and personal interaction to keep attendees engaged and invested in the event. The episode is a treasure trove of advice for anyone looking to enhance their virtual event experiences and create deeper connections with their audience.

Listeners can find more about Dr. Trivedi’s work by visiting his website at and taking the rewire score quiz to learn more about his approach to unlocking human potential.

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