In this episode of the High Profit Event Show, your host Rudy Rodriguez speaks with the founder of Go Meta Media and author of Opportunity: How to Win in Business and Create a Life You Love, Eben Pagan. 

Eben is a husband, father, entrepreneur, teacher, investor, and art collector. He’s the founder of several successful companies that have generated over 100 million in revenue and he has gone above and beyond to educate entrepreneurs on how to become world class at what they do through his work. 

Rudy and Eben discuss his experience in leading virtual events. Eben explains that in his youth, he wanted to generate more income than he had been in his career at that time. He shares that after a botched attempt at starting a real estate business, he went back to the drawing board. Through that experience, he realized he needed to improve his marketing and sales skills. This started with Eben attending events and learning from mentors to improve his own business – and he has now gone on to host his own virtual events to teach other entrepreneurs these skills. 

Rudy and Eben also explore how to create your own virtual events and how to build your attendee list. Eben explains that those who have a message or gift they want to share with people often start out at a high, broad level. He says it’s better to niche down and start small – hold a virtual event with a very specific goal and a small invite list. From here, gather your attendees’ feedback to do some market research and continuously improve your virtual event and fine tune its message. After that, start networking with your attendees; ask them if they know anyone who could benefit from your presentation and build your virtual event audience organically from there. Keep it simple and tangible to start with, and add more information and topics as you grow. Grow with your virtual event audience. 

If you want to narrow down your broad topic, listen to the questions your existing network and audience ask. Don’t assume you know what they need to learn at your virtual sales event; truly actively listen to the questions they ask and build your niche event around what your audience actually needs from you. There might be some surprises in store for you, but this is how you narrow down a virtual event topic that’s effective and can grow organically. Position your virtual event as the solution to these niched down but very relevant problems that your audience experiences. 

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