In this episode of the High Profit Event Show, host Rudy Rodriguez welcomed special guest Elliot Roe, recognized by Yahoo Business as a top 10 performance coach. This episode delved deep into the transformative experiences shared between Rudy and Elliot, especially during a challenging period in Rudy’s life. Rudy candidly shared the significant positive changes he observed in his business after his hypnotherapy sessions with Elliot, who boasts over 10,000 hours in the field.

Elliot’s collaborations with eminent event leaders such as Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, and Scott deMoulin were highlighted, along with his unique approach that moves beyond just teaching strategies. He focuses on ensuring that these strategies can be implemented without the hindrances of anxiety. The discussion then shifted to the prevalent fears event leaders face. Rooted often in early life experiences and childhood memories, the fear of failure, especially when putting oneself up for judgment, was examined.

The importance of mindset in such situations was underscored, referencing insights from Carol Dweck’s book, “Mindset.” The book promotes the idea of viewing setbacks as learning experiences rather than failures. The conversation evolved into the necessity of risk-taking in event organization and the deeper fears many face, such as the potential of disappointing attendees or damaging one’s reputation.

A significant portion of the episode was dedicated to navigating the intricacies of sales fears. From the daunting task of selling at the end of events to the deep-seated fear of rejection, the intertwined relationship between these aspects was dissected. Elliot shed light on the power of backend sales and emphasized the preparation required for a successful sales process.

Drawing from his vast experience, Elliot elaborated on the benefits of hypnotherapy in addressing sales reluctance, helping individuals identify past traumas influencing their present apprehensions. The discussion touched upon the power of practice and the value of partnering with sales specialists when necessary. The episode concluded with insights into the psychology behind successful event leadership, emphasizing the pivotal role of an event leader’s belief in sales and their product’s genuine value.

Listeners were introduced to Elliot’s “Primed Mind” app, a valuable resource with a plethora of hypnotherapy audio sessions tailored for boosting confidence in sales and public speaking. The diverse team of coaches available through Elliot’s platform was also highlighted.

This episode served as a reminder that our fears and beliefs, such as feelings of inadequacy in sales or public speaking, are learned behaviors. But with the right guidance, they can be reshaped or unlearned. For more insights and resources, listeners were directed to Carol Dweck’s “Mindset” and Elliot Roe’s website at Don’t forget to subscribe for more insightful episodes.

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