In the latest episode of the “High Profit Event Show,” host Rudy Rodriguez sits down with the accomplished Shay Wheat, the CEO of Grace and Ease Productions. Shay’s impressive journey includes collaborations with influential figures like Dr. Oz and Lisa Nichols, and under her leadership, her company has flourished, helping her clients do  over $20 million in event revenue, acquiring 3,700 clients, and influencing over 29,000 event attendees.

Throughout the episode, Shay emphasizes the significance of live events for entrepreneurs and the art of making them both impactful and profitable. She meticulously breaks down the five phases of event scaling. Starting with the “Starting Phase,” she speaks about focusing on delivering results for the initial set of clients. This is followed by the “Visibility Phase” that centers on enhancing brand visibility. The “Growth Phase” introduces webinars and masterclasses, while the “Scale Phase” sees a transition to group sales conversations. Lastly, the “Expertise Phase” delves into hosting large-scale events and building a dedicated fan community.

Shay also highlights the importance of tailoring strategies to align event type, audience, and offers. She shares an illustrative example where an initial strategy targeting CEOs was pivoted to cater to a different audience with a more suitable offer. The episode delves deep into various event monetization strategies such as VIP upgrades, sponsors, and downsells. There’s a special emphasis on budgeting, including hiring the right AV team to enhance the overall event experience.

One of the core discussions of the episode revolves around the “ACE” strategy, which stands for Attract, Connect, and Enroll. Shay speaks about the importance of post-registration nurture journeys, which might include thank-you notes and event reminders. She even suggests personal touches, such as welcome calls by event organizers or their sales team, to foster a stronger human connection.

Listeners are also introduced to the benefits of pre-event engagement, as Shay explains how successful event leaders utilize tools like emails, texts, and interviews. The episode further delves into Shay’s consulting expertise, where she touches upon understanding audiences, planning ticket sales, and even managing event budgets. A notable anecdote she shares is how she saved a client $15,000 simply by reviewing a hotel contract, underscoring the value of her consulting services.

Towards the end of the episode, Shay generously offers a unique gift to the audience – the “High Profit Event Playbook.” Exclusively designed for the show’s audience, this playbook, available on, focuses on boosting attendance, effective sales strategies, and creating revenue streams. Shay ends by emphasizing the paramount importance of understanding and tracking business metrics for growth. As the episode concludes, Rudy expresses his gratitude to Shay for her invaluable insights and encourages listeners to explore the resources available on Shay Wheat’s website.

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