Hiring has always been a challenge, but in my journey, nothing has been quite as demanding as finding the perfect sales representative. I’ve scoured countless resumes and conducted endless interviews, often finding myself disappointed with the outcomes. But as with most things, experience, combined with expert advice, has been a brilliant teacher.

Did you know that hiring the wrong person can cost between 5 to 27 times their annual salary? Dr. Brad Smart, a renowned expert in the hiring domain, dropped that staggering fact. And to make it even more shocking, you could end up wasting up to 300 hours on a bad hire. But, through persistence and learning, my team and I cracked the code. Over recent years, we’ve hired over 100 top-tier sales reps. Our secret? A mix of traditional methods, industry insights, and some out-of-the-box thinking, all inspired by sales and hiring experts like Dr. Brad Smart and Chet Holmes.

Let me walk you through our unique approach!

The Scorecard System: This isn’t your typical job description.

Beyond the Norm: Tired of the same old job boards and recruiters?

The Power of Referrals: Who better to vouch for potential talent than your star players?

Innate vs. Acquired Skills:

Our Interview Recipe:

The Non-Negotiable: Always, always, ALWAYS do reference checks.

Seal the Deal: Once you’ve found your star, make them see the value in joining your mission, beyond just the paycheck.

Facing Challenges Post-Hiring?

Juggling sales calls, strategy sessions, and marketing meetings is no easy task. But there are solutions:

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