In this exciting episode of the High Profit Event Show, host Rudy Rodriguez sits down with the talented Shruti Kapoor, the CEO of Clari Copilot. Shruti’s unique background, encompassing life science research, fintech, investment banking, technology, and even life coaching, gives her a rich perspective on a multitude of subjects. The duo delves deep into the intersection of AI technology and sales, a domain where Shruti’s expertise shines brightly. They explore the pressing challenge that many businesses face: ensuring that their sales promises match the actual deliverables. This is where Shruti’s invention, the Clari Copilot, comes into play. Originating from her association with Try Wingman, Clari Copilot was designed to seamlessly bridge communication gaps in sales and uphold a high level of quality assurance.

Shruti’s insights don’t stop there. She shares her observations on the often-unspoken queries from customers, which usually hinge on the essential element of trust. By using her software, businesses can preemptively address these silent questions, guaranteeing that they strike the right balance in their offerings without overcommitting or underdelivering. The conversation also takes a nostalgic turn, as Shruti reflects on the astronomical advancements in technology over the past half-decade. She marvels at how modern tech has not only become feasible but has reached unparalleled heights of excellence, often exceeding her own predictions as an industry pioneer.

An intriguing part of the discussion revolves around “conversation intelligence.” Here, Shruti elucidates how this concept, especially in sales, is being revolutionized by AI. Conversation intelligence involves recording, transcribing, and deriving insights from business-customer interactions. With AI tools, like ChatGpt, the boundaries of this process have expanded beyond mere keyword searches. These tools can swiftly summarize extensive conversations, provide instant feedback, and interpret intricate nuances in dialogue, making the sales process more dynamic and insightful.

Rudy then throws the spotlight on the multifunctionality of Shruti’s Clari Copilot. While it might seem like a straightforward note-taking tool, its backend functionalities are game-changers. He shares an anecdote of how the software was used to identify a correlation between sales objections and sales successes, emphasizing the continuous learning potential it offers for teams. Their interview culminates with the broader implications of integrating AI in sales processes. Rudy and Shruti stress the software’s capability for training, coaching, and even pinpointing how engaged a salesperson is during a call. The episode underscores the dual role of AI: automating mundane tasks and enhancing creative tasks, all backed by a Harvard Business Review study highlighting AI’s transformative role in sales.

Wrapping up, Rudy endorses Shruti’s Clari Copilot platform as an essential tool for any entity, from large corporate teams to solo entrepreneurs, aiming to leverage AI’s vast potential in sales. With the ever-evolving landscape of sales, recording and analyzing conversations now can be a strategic move, setting businesses up for a prosperous future.

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