On this episode of The High Profit Event Show, host Rudy Rodriguez welcomes Christian Mickelson, the accomplished CEO of Feature Force and Coaches with Clients. As an expert in curating both in-person and virtual events, Christian delves into the nuances of hosting successful high-end events and attracting top-tier clients. He places significant emphasis on the role of content, highlighting its pivotal nature in drawing attendees to an event. He also unveils a unique strategy: instead of directly selling live events, which can be logistically challenging, he recommends selling programs and including live event tickets as a bonus. This not only facilitates quicker decisions on program purchases but also allows for ample time to promote the event.

Christian also introduces listeners to the clever technique of synchronizing product launches with events, ensuring both complement each other. For those looking to host a three-day event, he shares preparation insights, including the importance of meticulously planning offers, leveraging PowerPoints for presentations, and maintaining an overarching focus on delivering maximum value. Christian’s authenticity shines through as he speaks about sharing personal flaws and struggles. Such revelations, he believes, resonate deeply with audiences and underscore that success doesn’t necessarily demand perfection.

The episode delves deeper into Christian’s meteoric rise in the coaching industry. He’s recognized for his prowess in offering high-end programs, with offerings ranging from a quarter-million-dollar mastermind to a $60,000 lower-tier mastermind. Drawing from his personal journey, which began amid poverty and initial struggles in the coaching field, he emphasizes the role of unwavering belief in oneself and one’s offerings. For Christian, mindset is a game-changer, attributing over 90% of success to it. Both Rudy and Christian passionately discuss the indispensable nature of personal growth, with Rudy testifying to the significant returns he’s witnessed from investing in it.

Christian generously offers insights from his bestselling book, “Get Clients Today”, urging listeners to grab a free copy. He also draws attention to an upcoming event aimed at helping attendees attract clients. The episode shares Christian’s humble beginnings, views on wealth, and his personal ambitions, which include his goal to become a billionaire. For him, success isn’t just about tireless hard work ethic, but is often the result of a few well-thought-out decisions. Christian’s desired legacy revolves around raising empowered children and spreading his transformative healing techniques.

Rudy wraps up the episode by expressing immense gratitude to Christian for his invaluable insights, emphasizing how such discussions inspire listeners to set higher goals. The interview serves as a potent reminder of the role of self-worth and belief in shaping one’s net worth and success.

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