Hello, I’m Rudy, founder of Wingman Coaching. Have you ever found yourself at the crossroads of hiring a full-time leader, only to reel back thinking of the potential overhead? According to a recent article by the Economic Times titled, “Leadership by fraction” the Tread of Fractional CXO’s”  fractional services are the future of efficient and cost-effective business growth. 

First-the numbers. A mishire, especially in pivotal roles like sales, marketing, or even cutting-edge domains like AI, can cost a staggering 5 to 27 times their annual salary. This isn’t just a random figure; it comes from the insightful Dr. Brad B. Smart of Topgrading. But what if there’s a way around this daunting challenge? Enter fractional services.

What Are Fractional Services?

At its core, fractional services are about leveraging specialized expertise without the full-time commitment. Picture this: instead of hiring a Chief Marketing Officer with a hefty six-figure salary, you ‘rent’ their services as and when required. The same goes for roles like Chief AI Officers and Fractional sales teams. These experts opt to work with multiple companies, bringing their vast experience across industries without tying them down to one employer.

Why Fractional Services are a Growing Trend

Implementing Fractional Sales

To tap into the power of fractional sales:

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Hope this sheds light on the transformational power of fractional services. Share it with those who’d benefit.