In the latest episode of the High Profit Event Show, hosted by Rudy Rodriguez, we are privileged to delve deep into the illustrious entrepreneurial journey of Dr. Chris Daigle aka “Doc”. His journey, spanning since 2002, has seen ventures into online marketing, the launch and eventual sale of a pioneering SaaS company in the real estate domain in 2008, and a concentrated effort towards business growth methodologies like Eos and Scaling Up. But Chris’s current fascination and focus? The integration of thousands of hours of business experience with AI, aiming to effortlessly scale businesses. Moreover, he’s at the forefront of a significant shift, pioneering certifications for the role of Chief AI Officers.

Rudy and Chris take listeners on a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about their notable collaboration with Mark Moss, which culminated in a monumental event generating over 2.1 million in sales. The roots of this success lie in Mark’s “Market Disruptors LIVE,” an idea born from Chris’s recognition of Mark’s immense popularity and his genuine rapport with his audience. But what truly set the event apart? It was Mark’s consistent and impactful voice, combined with groundbreaking insights that deeply resonated with the libertarian crowd. The meticulously detailed planning, tiered access for attendees, and a curated list of expert speakers – some of whom rarely grace the public stage – created an unparalleled event experience.

Diving deeper into the inner workings of the event, it was its unique nature that stood out. Attendees were granted VIP access, allowing them to connect directly with genuine, down-to-earth personalities. Moreover, unlike many events where sales teams aggressively push for deals, this event’s approach was different. They were deeply entrenched in the planning process, emphasizing the understanding of client needs, which in turn made their sales strategy feel authentic. A testament to their commitment to excellence, the event paid attention to the minutest of details – from fresh flowers to meaningful feedback sessions, ensuring Mark’s brand was strengthened further.

On a futuristic note, the conversation steered towards the transformative potential of AI in event management. While AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude from OpenAI have made strides, they are best seen as enhancing human effort, not replacing it. Chris and Rudy discuss the real-world applications of AI in drafting communication materials and boosting organizational efficiency. Shedding light on the future, they emphasized the need for businesses to strategically plan AI implementation. With the media often painting a daunting picture of AI, certifications, like the one offered at, provide professionals with a comprehensive understanding of how best to leverage AI in their roles. As the episode wraps up, Rudy strongly endorses such AI certifications, viewing them as an indispensable skill set for modern professionals.

To truly appreciate the depth and insights shared in this discussion, listeners are encouraged to check out the full episode.

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