In this episode of the “High Profit Event Show,” host Rudy Rodriguez welcomes special guest Joshua B. Lee, a renowned LinkedIn expert and the founder of Standout Authority. With over 20 years of experience, Lee has built over 16 businesses, authored several books, and collaborated with notable clients like Myspace and Google, generating substantial revenues and leads. Recently, Joshua has focused his expertise on LinkedIn, assisting event leaders in lead generation and profitability. The conversation revolves around leveraging LinkedIn for business growth and optimizing event strategies on the platform.

During the episode, Joshua B. Lee highlights the importance of differentiating between mere traffic and true engagement on LinkedIn. He emphasizes the platform’s potential for reaching decision-makers, high-income individuals, and educated professionals. He points out that the average income on LinkedIn is around $121,000 per year, making it a valuable platform for high-end product marketing. He also delves into the significance of creating LinkedIn events, with the potential to attract between 200 and 1,000 new people every month. He emphasizes Microsoft’s investment in LinkedIn and the role of AI in shaping future marketing opportunities. He provides a detailed guide on creating effective LinkedIn events and highlights the value of having a company page, as 80% of all B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

The episode explores various strategies for organizing and promoting events on LinkedIn. Joshua suggests optimal event days (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) and timing (middle of the day) to ensure attendee commitment. He underscores the importance of utilizing LinkedIn’s registration form to gather attendee information, which can help build an email list for future opportunities and engagement. He also emphasizes the need for compelling event descriptions, incorporating multiple speakers for wider reach, strategic invitation distribution, and leveraging LinkedIn’s messaging feature for event reminders. Implementing these strategies, along with having a dedicated team member, can create numerous opportunities for event success.

Joshua B. Lee also emphasizes the significance of personal branding and building a comprehensive LinkedIn profile. He advises against a resume-like approach and instead encourages users to craft their profile as a narrative of their career journey, incorporating relatable aspects of their life to foster connections with other users. He stresses the importance of customizing the LinkedIn profile header for each new event and regularly updating content with personal details, company insights, and valuable educational material. By adopting these strategies, users can attract a wider audience, enhance visibility on LinkedIn and Google through the platform’s SEO capabilities, and unlock the untapped potential that LinkedIn offers.

Throughout the episode, Joshua B. Lee shares valuable tips for effectively using LinkedIn and emphasizes the importance of fostering genuine relationships on the platform. He suggests sending personalized messages when making connection requests, adding value to interactions, and building rapport with other users. He encourages hosts to focus on educating, inspiring, and engaging their audience when hosting events on LinkedIn, rather than solely focusing on monetization. He underscores the significance of human connection in the digital age and the transformative power it holds.

Don’t miss this informative episode of the “High Profit Event Show,” where you’ll learn valuable strategies to leverage LinkedIn for business growth and optimize your event strategies on the platform. Tune in now and unlock the power of LinkedIn!

In the interview he shares his screen and demonstrates how he does LinkedIn events. If you would like to view the video click here: (link to website)

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