In this episode of the High Profit Event Show, host Rudy Rodriguez welcomes the dynamic Eben Pagan, the acclaimed author of “Opportunity”. Eben, with his multifaceted identity, touches upon his upbringing in Oregon, raised by hippie parents, and his initial endeavors as a rock guitar player. He then reflects on his struggles, which led him to the realms of real estate and eventually to the importance of mastering sales and marketing. With an influential figure like Joe Stump guiding him, Eben transitioned into the virtual event space, emphasizing the power of starting small, evolving by understanding audience needs, and the crucial importance of niche targeting in the current vocational training landscape.

As the conversation progresses, the duo delves deep into strategies for virtual event success. Eben shares his insights on how to nurture an idea into a full-fledged event, stressing the significance of organic community growth, referrals, and the intertwining roles of paid media and affiliate marketing. An interesting segment of the talk revolves around the structure for multi-day events. Eben unveils his three-tier strategy: commencing with introducing fresh perspectives, transitioning into actionable techniques, and culminating with validating success stories.

A notable part of the episode is the ‘Deep Dive with Eben’, where Eben opens up about the effectiveness of testimonials and the potential of offering instant access to higher-tier programs.

In a spirited ‘Lightning Round’, Eben and Rudy discuss common event-related mistakes and Eben’s passion for the intersection of art and business. He also shares his perspective on the legacy, the drive for continual growth, and the deeper layers of life and death. This episode, laden with insights and rich experiences, offers a blend of practical strategies and philosophical musings on the event industry.

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