Welcome to Episode 49 of our podcast. Today, we’ve got someone really special for you – Alison Armstrong. She’s the brain behind “Understanding Men,” a platform where she’s been digging deep into human behavior and specifically, men, for over two decades. She’s an author, a course conductor, and she’s got a whopping 100+ hours of online training on her site, alisonarmstrong.com.

Alison gives us a backstage pass into her journey, taking us from her early transformative experiences in her twenties to her groundbreaking insights about men that kicked off in 1991. She takes us through the trials and triumphs of running her business – facing economic downturns, battling the pandemic, and brilliantly shifting to online workshops in 2017.

Next, we have an awesome chat about something Alison holds close to her heart – integrity. She shares some personal experiences where she learned the hard way about the importance of integrity in every part of the event organization process, whether it’s selecting a team, choosing a venue, or engaging with participants. She gives us some real examples of how she lives out this value in her events, like designing them to meet the promised outcomes and keeping it real in her promotional materials.

Moving on, Alison takes us through the transformation process she weaves into her events. It’s a four-step process that’s as fascinating as it is effective: revealing the root of undesired results, offering fresh understanding and information, creating an empowering environment, and establishing new habits. Alison gets into why she’s big on live interactions and how she uses neuroscience-based exercises in her workshops to make quick, meaningful changes in behavior.

Alison leaves us with a thought – the journey to build integrity may not be easy, but it’s worth it, and it all starts with being true to yourself. 

Want to connect with Alison?

Website: https://www.alisonarmstrong.com

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/understandmen/

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