In this episode of The High Profit Event Show, hosted by Rudy Rodriguez, we welcome Cara Kukuda, Director of Sales for Fullstaq Marketer. Cara is a highly accomplished professional with 25 years of experience in sales, event planning, operations, and management. She has been recognized for her achievements, including winning the Entrepreneur Of The Year Award for the US West region. In this episode, Cara shares her valuable insights on running successful events, with a particular focus on effective marketing strategies to ensure high attendee turnout.

According to Cara, while planning and execution are crucial aspects of event success, it is equally important to emphasize marketing efforts and follow-up strategies to boost attendance. At Fullstaq Marketer, they consider achieving high registration numbers and ensuring attendee participation, whether in-person or virtually, as the cornerstone of their event success.

Cara highlights the importance of refining the process from ticket purchase to actual attendance. Fullstaq Marketer has implemented various strategies to increase event attendance, such as running tutoring sessions and registration confirmation sessions prior to the event. They also introduce requirements for attendees, such as completing homework or obtaining specific tools, which have proven effective in increasing the likelihood of attendance. By engaging and preparing attendees beforehand, Fullstaq Marketer ensures a higher turnout.

Transparency and clear communication play a vital role in successful events, as emphasized by Cara. Fullstaq Marketer personally communicates with attendees, ensuring they know what to expect and what is required from them. They provide tutors and a support team to accommodate attendees of different competency levels, striving for the best outcomes for everyone involved. By preparing for all possibilities and offering comprehensive support, Fullstaq Marketer ensures a successful event experience.

In terms of event promotion, Fullstaq Marketer has found significant success in utilizing email marketing strategies. Despite the rise of various social media platforms, Cara believes in mastering the basics, particularly email. Fullstaq’s team, led by CEO Keala Kanae, excels at crafting compelling copy and ensuring deliverability. They recognize the value of collecting and owning an email list, which serves as a durable asset in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Cara and Fullstaq Marketer prioritize clear communication, community building, and adding value to their events. CEO Keala Kanae adopts a transparent approach, openly discussing their intent to sell attendees a product during the event’s first day. By setting clear expectations and introducing advisors, they effectively manage attendee drop-off throughout the event. Fullstaq Marketer also fosters a sense of community among attendees by creating unique Facebook groups for each event, encouraging engagement and celebrating successes. Through email marketing, they engage with attendees before the event, making them feel connected and involved from the start. Additionally, Fullstaq utilizes former successful students as tutors, providing guidance from individuals who have progressed further along the same journey.

Clear, emotion-filled communication and effective social proof are essential when asking for a sale during Fullstaq Marketer’s events. CEO Keala Kanae shares his personal journey and hardships, making the proposed solution more relevant and emotive. They also present case studies of students who have achieved success through their program, leveraging social proof to showcase its effectiveness. However, their ultimate goal is not just to ask for a sale but to provide each person with a solution to help them achieve their goals. This approach stems from Cara’s own experience transitioning from a corporate life trading hours for dollars to achieving lifestyle freedom through Fullstaq Marketer.

Cara provides three key tips for those planning to host their first virtual event or improve their next one. Firstly, she emphasizes the importance of focusing on delivering value to the attendees. Secondly, consistency and reliability in fulfilling promises made to attendees are crucial. Lastly, planning successive events or offerings and having a set date in place helps sustain engagement and participation.

Cara recommends several resources for improving future events, with a focus on the significance of mindset. She suggests John Maxwell’s book “How Successful People Win,” which teaches readers to approach planning without fear of failure. Currently, Cara is reading “Leading in Tough Times,” a book centered on leadership development and finding opportunities in adversity. Additionally, she commends “The Values Factor” by Dr. DeMartini for its influence on the work at Fullstaq Marketer.

To learn more about Fullstaq Marketer and their mission to help a million people by the end of 2025, Cara encourages interested listeners to visit their website. She emphasizes the importance of collaboration and attentive listening to internal teams and clients. She also highlights the potential challenge of neglecting collaboration and dialogue while pursuing ambitious goals. Cara wants to be remembered for helping others and inspiring collective problem-solving, making a positive difference in the world.

In conclusion, Cara Kukuda of Fullstaq Marketer shares her expertise on boosting event attendance through effective marketing strategies. Listeners are encouraged to visit the Fullstaq Marketer website to learn from their expert team and understand their mission to make a difference.

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