In this new episode of our podcast, our host Rudy Rodriguez is joined by Gregory Offner. Greg is not just the founder and CEO of Global Performance Institute, but also an award-winning keynote speaker and author of the game-changing book, “The Tip Jar Culture”. His fascinating journey takes us from the bright lights of dueling piano bars to the inspiring stages of keynote speaking – a transition spurred by a life-changing vocal cord injury.

Greg’s unique blend of business acumen, performance experience, and a knack for creating valuable experiences have been seamlessly translated into his career as a keynote speaker. He shares the importance of understanding your audience and their archetypes, which he cleverly categorizes into ‘keepers’, ‘leapers’, and ‘sleepers’. Each group requires a different engagement strategy, emphasizing the significance of a tailored approach.

Drawing from his experience at the piano bar, Greg shares invaluable tips about keeping an audience captivated and engaged. He delves into the crucial role of surveys and personalized interaction in crafting memorable experiences and effective follow-ups. In an era where attendee discernment has sharply risen post-COVID, the art of delivering relevant content, incorporating surprise elements, and sustaining connection post-event can make or break an event’s success.

When it comes to virtual presentations, Greg talks about the added challenges they pose, but he’s all about turning them into opportunities. From incorporating unexpected elements to prioritizing production value, Greg enlightens us on the art of crafting a memorable virtual experience.

In this episode, you’ll also hear Greg talk about the importance of authenticity and vulnerability on stage. He believes that this resonates with modern audiences who yearn for genuine connections, underscoring the importance of creating a personalized experience that demonstrates a genuine interest and care for their needs. For more insights, don’t forget to check out his book, “The Tip Jar Culture”. Buckle up for this knowledge-packed episode that’s sure to leave you with a wealth of wisdom and inspiration.

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