In this episode of The High Profit Event Show, host Rudy Rodriguez welcomes Rey Perez, a globally recognized branding expert. Rey shares his insights on innovative technology utilization for brand visibility enhancement and creating enthusiastic fans through events. Rey has a knack for recognizing individual qualities and fostering excitement about branding. Rey’s organized and simplified approach to brand messaging through a 360-degree strategy, enables individuals to align their identity and brand to their true potential.

Rey’s journey in event promotion began in his youth as a nightclub promoter and spanned over two decades. Despite evolving tactics, Rey has consistently implemented effective strategies to attract attendees. Rey’s extensive experience, especially how he employs technology to strengthen audience connections and cultivate dedicated fans, permeates the episode.

Rey’s unique strategy employed in his personal and client events focuses on a 360 site platform. He developed this to foster faster relationships and better connect with individuals primarily using Google and social media. Rey’s platform includes various media and prioritizes building trust before leading individuals to his website, establishing a successful rapport and meaningful connections.

The evolution of Rey’s business through his unique technology also forms a substantial part of the conversation. Rey narrates how he started using the platform for his events, leading to the establishment of a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, now with over 4,000 members. Rey walks us through his innovative approach to capturing contact information without traditional opt-in forms, enabling a quicker contact exchange and facilitating immediate communication.

The importance of building strong relationships and fostering passionate fans is emphasized, with Rey demonstrating how he provides QR codes for attendees to interact with him across various platforms. Rey’s strategic direction towards his 360 site ensures maximum exposure and consumer trust building. He stresses the significance of fostering strong relationships as the foundation of business success, with his approach leading to speaking engagements, event invitations, collaborations, and overall business growth.

Finally, Rey directs listeners to his comprehensive website,, offering a range of resources, training videos, lead capture scripts, and the chance to schedule a discovery call with him. He suggests software platforms Scipio and GoHighLevel for text message marketing, based on an individual’s unique needs. Rey calls for feedback and invites listeners to reach out for guidance on leveraging text message marketing in their events, underlining the essence of efficient strategy implementation. Join us in this enriching episode to learn from the best in business.

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