In this podcast episode, Rudy Rodriguez interviews Brad Hart, who recently ran a successful live event with his mentor Jay Fiset. They discuss the challenges and learning experiences Brad faced while running the event and how it transformed his life, leading him to build masterminds as a business model. Brad shares insights on creating and launching masterminds, the value of market research, and taking risks in business.

Brad partnered with Jay Fiset to bring back an event that had not been held for five years, and they put it together in just four months. Despite not having 100% bandwidth or capacity, they had 145 people register and 115 attend. They made over $10k per head with the sponsors, speakers, sales, and themselves at the event. Brad shares that he and Jay have complementary skills and their chemistry on stage was great, with Jay painting the big picture and Brad filling in the details. They teach people how to design and build a mastermind, and Brad believes it’s the most leveraged way to learn, network, and up level your skill set.

Brad believes that the mastermind model is the most effective way to add profit to a business with low overhead, low brain damage, and low delivery. He emphasizes understanding the value of the mastermind and doubling the number of people and price to achieve desired results. Brad shares stories of attendees who made a lot of money after attending their event and learning how to build a mastermind. He and Jay plan to do two events a year in the future and continue teaching people about the power of the mastermind model.

He discusses the common problem in business of coming up with an idea without doing market research, leading to failure. He shares his own experience of spending $45,000 on a program that sold only 5 copies, emphasizing the importance of testing ideas by selling them before building them. He advises creating a beta program with a small number of people and offering it at half the price with a money-back guarantee to get feedback and improve the product. He stresses the importance of finding a niche that already has successful competitors and not competing with top-level people but doing what they do on a more intimate, smaller scale for more money.

Brad emphasizes the importance of hard work, patience, and building strong partnerships and relationships. He advises focusing on providing value to customers rather than solely on making money. Success in business is not just about being the first to invent something, but about understanding the customer’s needs and desires and creating products that meet those needs. He encourages listeners to focus on serving their customers and not be afraid to take on big challenges.

Brad Hart’s experience in running a successful event and building a mastermind business provides valuable insights into the importance of market research, partnerships, and customer value in achieving success in business. Listeners can learn from his experiences and apply them to their own business ventures.

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