In this episode of the High Profit Event Show, host Rudy Rodriguez interviews the accomplished investor and entrepreneur, Mark Moss, known for his impressive track record of founding seven companies that each reached seven-figure revenues within their first year. In their discussion, Mark shares his insights on organizing successful events, drawing from his own recent successful experience hosting the Market Disruptors Live event.

Mark highlights the importance of providing value in all that he does, whether it be through YouTube, podcasts, his radio show, or the mastermind events he organizes. He discusses his philosophy of giving more value than he receives, sharing that this principle helped guide his decision to host his first event. Drawing inspiration from other successful events and assembling a skilled team to handle logistics were key in creating an engaging and revenue-generating experience that was lauded as one of the best by both speakers and attendees alike.

Mark also delves into the concept of a customer journey or a value ladder, referring to the teachings of Russell Brunson. He talks about the principle of the “80/20 rule” from the book “80/20 Sales and Marketing,” applying this in creating premium experiences for those willing to invest more. He shares how he was able to fill his event primarily through his existing email list and organic reach, stressing the importance of building a list and accumulating goodwill in the world.

Expounding on the psychology of his inside line mentorship program, Mark explains how understanding the wants and needs of his audience enabled him to tailor his offerings and successfully enroll participants into his program.

Looking forward, Mark previews his upcoming event, Market Disruptors Live, which focuses on the opportunities that arise from market disruptions. He encourages attendees to join in person to experience the power of proximity and community building, emphasizing the need for making informed decisions amidst political, social, and financial changes.

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