In this episode of the High Profit Event Show, your host Rudy Rodriguez talks to Mark Moss about the top three things to consider before hosting your next live event. 

Mark is an investor and entrepreneur with a passion for learning and daily improvement. He also loves to educate others on how to avoid the business mistakes he made throughout this journey. Mark has an amazing track record, having founded seven different companies that passed 7-figures in revenue within the first year, one of which he brought to exit to a Fortune 500 company. He’s also a prolific real estate investor, having flipped over 25 million in real estate. 

Mark discusses how he stepped into holding live events.Mark shares that a core value and key best business practice for him is to always look for ways to add value. He shares that he’d never want someone to view his content and feel their time was wasted – which means he’s always looking for new ways to bring top quality content to his audience. This is what turned him onto holding events. His first tip Mark shares with those just starting out is that everything you communicate with your audience should carry value. Mark explains that he began attending events to see what worked and what didn’t work in the events space. He noted what he liked and didn’t like so he could try to copy success, especially relating to the delivery of high level value. He took the best and worst of his event attendance experience and analyzed those factors so he could optimize his own events later. 

Next, Mark shares that you also need to surround yourself with the right people to hold a great event. Target your attendee list methodically, make sure any guest speakers match your core values and beliefs, and be willing to invest in an event planning team. Mark also says you should always lead with value and tell your audience what you want them to walk away with. He shares that his biggest fear during the first event he hosted was that he wouldn’t be able to deliver high value to both his attendees and his speakers. He shares that, because of the digilent considerations, dedication to value, and thoughtful hosting steps he took in advance, both parties told him it was the best event they’d ever attended. He created an amazing experience from all perspectives by prioritizing value. 

Mark and Rudy also talk about the value ladder within the customer journey when it comes to offering event tickets. He explains that your event should have various levels of ticket offerings that add more even value (and access to you.) Many of your attendees are likely willing to spend the extra money to experience a higher level of value at your event. Not only does this generate more revenue for you, but it creates high levels of engagement between like minded individuals from your audience. 

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