In this episode of the High Profit Event Show, your host Rudy Rodriguez talks to the #1 bestselling author of Get Clients Today: How To Get A Surge Of New, High Paying Coaching Clients Today & Every Day and the founder and CEO of Coaches with Clients, Christian Mickelsen. 

On today’s episode, he’ll discuss how to get amazing clients through live and virtual events. Christian has been an expert in events for over a decade and he’s mastered the craft of getting high-end clients from going to events. If you want to have a successful event, Christian shares, the main key is the idea behind the event itself. What are you teaching and why should people show up? What is your hook that will draw people in and attract them to your offer? It’s easier to sell a program than an event ticket, Christian explains. He recommends attaching a ticket to your event for free when you make a sale to a prospect. Not only is this a great value add, but you’re more likely to get a good number of attendees this way. They’ve already bought your offer, so now you can warm them up to attending your event. Virtual events are offers themselves, but you have to frame them strategically to your desired attendees. 

Christian and Rudy also discuss how to position your virtual event offering. Choose an online event topic that speaks to your ideal audience’s needs. One way to encourage them to attend your event, live or virtually, is to send consistent emails to stay top of mind. You can also try enticing your audience with more bonuses, freebies, and free gifts upon attendance. Find what makes your audience want to attend and leverage that in consistent messaging to them. 

During the event, you shouldn’t teach from a PowerPoint, but definitely put your product offerings clearly and concisely on a slide that your audience can see. Don’t ‘teach the what but the how, which is what some event speakers do. Your event should be so valuable and impactful that your audience walks away with real, tangible tactics. Love and serve your audience with full authenticity and openness and you will see success. Don’t dangle the carrot – be real and be impactful. 

Your self-worth determines your net-worth, Christian and Rudy share. Have confidence in your knowledge base and the solutions you offer. Your authority and confidence will drive the right clients to you when you lead virtual events; the key is to be authentic and be yourself.

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